Category: Tourism & Leisure
Client: Bundjalung of Byron Bay Aboriginal Corporation (Arakwal)
Timeline:2009 to present

Initial Brief

MLCS engaged to carry out a Corporate Plan for the organisation in 2006 to assess the opportunities for the Group going forward.


Caravan Park - MLCS provides a mentoring role and monitors the performance of the business (with funding provided by Indigenous Business Australia). Also undertake the day-to-day bookkeeping of the caravan park and assist in the preparation of budgets as required.

  • Cultural Centre Planning MLCS carried out a Business Plan for the national parks service at Byron Bay for the Byron Trust in regards to its commercial operation at the Cape Byron Trust.

    The operations included:
    - Commercial holiday colleges
    - Admissions to the Byron Trust area
    - Kiosk and concessions for the Byron Trust

    MLCS retained by the Northern NSW Parks, prepared a feasibility study for the establishment of a culture centre on behalf of the Arakwal Aboriginal Corporation at the Byron Bay Lighthouse site region.
  • Wategos Property Development.