Category: Indigenous Services
Client: Barada Barna Ltd
Timeline:1999 to present

Initial Brief

  • MLCS assisted the Traditional Owners with negotiations for a mining agreement in Marlborough in Queensland.This then grew over the years to be the commercial advisor to what was the Barada Barna Kabalabara Yetimarala (BBKY) Group, now Barada Barna Native Title Group in the Bowen Basin region in Queensland.The Barada Barna Group has negotiated compensation settlements on behalf of the Native Title Group plus also undertaken entering into contractual works with mining companies in the region.


  • Negotiated many RTN's with Mining Companies under the Native Title Act.
  • Negotiated a number of ILUA's under the Native Title Act with successful outcomes for all involved.
  • Advising on a cattle property at Coorumburra where Native Title Party holds 50% interest.
  • Providing Bureau Accounting Services.