Darumbal Native Title Group, Rockhampton QLD
1999 to present (Indigenous Services)
MLCS assisted the Traditional Owners for negotiations for a Mining Agreement in Marlborough in Queensland. This has then grown over the years to be a commercial advisor to the Darumbal Native Title Claim Group who are currently negotiating for a Consent to Determination with Queensland Government. Providing general and commercial advice to the Group... Read more.


Barada Barna Group, QLD
1999 to present (Indigenous Services)
MLCS assisted the Traditional Owners with negotiations for a mining agreement in Marlborough in Queensland.This then grew over the years to be the commercial advisor to what was the Barada Barna Kabalabara Yetimarala (BBKY) Group, now Barada Barna Native Title Group in the Bowen Basin region in Queensland.The Barada Barna Group has negotiated compensation... Read more.


Thalanyji Resource Development Project, Onslow, WA
2012 to present (Mining & Natural Resources)
MLCS have been engaged to develop business opportunities for the Corporation and its members, arising from resource developments within the Buurabalayji Thalanyji Native Title region. This includes the BHP Billiton Petroleum Macedon domestic gas project and the Chevron Wheatstone LNG project.HighlightsOverseeing operations with existing Joint Ventures with... Read more.


Woodside Browse LNG Precinct Project, Broome, WA
2010 to present (Mining & Natural Resources)
MLCS are assisting the Traditional Owners with addressing the commercial opportunities resulting from the substantial Browse LNG project in Broome, the final investment decision has been deferred. Such projects to include construction, facilitates management and labour hire.HighlightsNegotiations with Decmil Australia, a leading second tier construction... Read more.


Stony Desert Mining, SA
2009 to present (Mining & Natural Resources)
Initial discussions with Oz Minerals and the Traditional Owners of the Antakarinja community over the establishment of a crushing contract at the Oz Minerals Prominent Hill site. Expected investment required in excess of $5,000,000 with initially six jobs for the Traditional Owners.HighlightsMLCS Prepared an initial Feasibility in 2009 indicating the... Read more.


ILUKA Mine, Jacinth Ambrosia, SA
2009 to present (Mining & Natural Resources)
In 2009 MLCS were approached to prepare an initial Feasibility, Business Plan and raise capital for the Far West Native Title Group (Traditional Owners) to establish a partnering arrangement with an existing contractor at the mine as part of a Native Title Agreement.HighlightsThe capital raising... Read more.


Northern Project Contracting - Century Mine, North Queensland
2004 to 2010 (Mining & Natural Resources)
In 2004 MLCS provided initial strategic advice and assisted the Waanyi Nation Aboriginal Corporation on entering into a joint venture crushing contract at Century Zinifex Mine, with the establishment and implementation of appropriate joint venture company structures.HighlightsWaanyi Nation... Read more.


Peter Kittle Toyota Alice Springs, NT
1989 to 1993 and 1996 to present (Strategic Investment)
Centrecorp Aboriginal Investment Corporation retain a substantial investment in the Peter Kittle Toyota Group of companies. The Group now have 4 dealerships in Alice Springs, Tennant Creek, Adelaide and Port Lincoln.MLCS were initially engaged to raise equity “finance” and negotiate a joint venture for the acquisition of 50% of the Peter Kittle Toyota... Read more.


Tourism and Property Development, Byron Bay, NSW
2009 to present (Tourism & Leisure)
MLCS engaged to carry out a Corporate Plan for the organisation in 2006 to assess the opportunities for the Group going forward.HighlightsCaravan Park - MLCS provides a mentoring role and monitors the performance of the business (with funding provided by Indigenous Business Australia). Also undertake the day-to-day bookkeeping of the caravan park and assist... Read more.


Nitmiluk Tours, Katherine, NT
1992 to present (Tourism & Leisure)
Jawoyn Association represent the Traditional Owners of the Katherine region. MLCS have been strategically involved with the group since 1992 and assist on various projects. The initial brief revolved around reporting on Jawoyn’s future involvement with its operations in the Nitmiluk Katherine Gorge National Park. Since this period of time the role has... Read more.


Kings Canyon Resort, NT
1989 to 2010 (Tourism & Leisure)
Centrecorp is a joint enterprise of the Central Land Council and Alice Springs Aboriginal groups. MLCS acted for them for the initial project, the first and second expansions, the negotiation of further equity and we continue to act for them and the co-owners in an executive role.HighlightsKings Canyon Resort began as a $17 million resort at Kings Canyon in... Read more.